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Internal Links in SEO

The Internal Links also have their say in SEO, do not underestimate them.

Edited: 2012-01-27 14:54

Internal Links in SEO is something many overlook, despite it being one of the only truly whitehat things that you can control about your site. This is however mostly due to internal flow of rank between linked pages, and appears to have little to do with anchor text.

You shouldn't expect to see the same kind of boosts in ranking that you can expect from backlinks to your pages, but for some targeted Keywords and Keyphrases it just might be enough to make your pages rank. As you may know, some Keyphrases are just waiting for someone to create a exact-match page to take a relatively high position in the SERPs, but in order to do that, your page would most likely need some incoming link juice, either from backlinks or from other pages on your own site.

Exact Title Match

One of the ways to create an exact match, is to use the exact Keyphrase as page title, that someone would be typing when doing a search. But this alone does not always guarantee a 1st placement, because less relevant pages may have established over-time, but luckily they are often easily outranked with a little Rank Sculpting.

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