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An Introduction to Adsense

Understand your Adsense account better after following this Tutorial. Well, hopefully.

Edited: 2015-12-04 10:11

The Google Adsense Logo

Some Adsense users have a hard time trying to understand their Adsense account – or at least some of the technical terms used inside of Adsense. In this Tutorial we will try to help you understand your Adsense account better.

To make the best out of your Adsense account, you may benefit from knowing a bit about the different terms that are used – you can use this knowledge to optimize your Adsense, and just maybe increase your earnings a little.

How much can you earn on Adsense?

How much you will earn can be hard to say, but before you get your hopes up – generally – a lot of sites will not even be able to reach the payout of $100 doing a single month. There are sites with more than 10000 unique visitors a month struggling to reach the monthly payment threshold. To reach the payout, you will likely need much more than 10000 visitors per month – more like 30-50k per month!

Understanding the different terms

The Adsense interface is easy to understand once you know what the different terms that are used mean – some of the the terms we will deal with are listed below:

  1. Page views
  2. Clicks
  3. Page CTR
  4. CPC
  5. Page RPM

If you don't know what a given term means, simply click on it, and read about it on the landing page.

Optimal ad unit placement

The optimal placement of ad units can be hard to predict, as it depends on the layout of your page. It is easier to figure it out once you are starting to get a feel with what works – which you can obtain trough experimenting with your ad placement. The below template may help you choose a decent placement for your units:

Image showing a decent ad placement for 3 column page layout.

Not that you should go ahead and just place ads everywhere indicated in the template image, but it may help you choose between 1-3 good spots. Placing to many ads can lower your performance, as it may lead to increased ad-blindness – a balanced contrast between elements on your page is to be recommended.