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Invite Your Friends to Join Twiends

A new feature on Twiends allows you to invite your friends, but its not really worth the effort.

Edited: 2013-08-28 14:40

Twiends Logo

Its time to talk about Twiends again on Brugbart – this site is simply so interesting that we just keep turning back to it. Occasionally things have changed, moved around, and new features have been added – which is also the case this time. We thought it would be cool to comment on the new invitation feature, which in short, is not quite what you would expect from such a feature.

Recently Twiends made it possible for users to invite their friends to join the Twiends network, sending an invitation to friend will get you 20 seeds – but only if the friend actually signs up to the site.

We let you to make invites because they're a great way for us to grow our community. It gives us an opportunity to give you some seeds as thanks for sharing the love. Unfortunately, there are always some who will try and game the system, so please make sure you observe these rules.

  1. Spam - please don't spam others by repeatedly tweeting messages to them.
  2. Fake Accounts - don't create fake accounts just for invites. We can detect these.
  3. Limited - to prevent spam we only allow you to make a few invites at a time.
  4. Before Signup - you need to add an invite before they sign up otherwise the invite will not be counted.
  5. Account Maturity - the invite will only be counted if their account passes a minimum quality check.
  6. Discretionary - this program is discretionary and is not available to all users.
  7. Seeds - we may change the amount of reward seeds in future if required.

Please observe these rules. Spamming or creating fake accounts could cause your account to be suspended.

According to the above quote from twiends, the invitation system is not available to all users, and its not enough for your friend to just join the site – they have to start using the site before Twiends will complete the invite. The question is, if all this trouble will be worth the 20 seeds – it certainly seems a little underpaid.

Would have preferred an affiliate link

The current invitation system is to limited, and requires to much work by the user. First you have to send the invite – this is done by entering the Twitter @username of the user you want to invite trough the invitation tool provided at Twiends – which will force you to send a tweet to your friend. Inviting more than a few people at a time is not possible due to limits placed by Twiends, and there is no way to automate the process – in other words, there is nothing compensating for the obvious lack of flexibility an affiliate link would have provided.

The poor design of the invitation system appears to be the result of a failing mindset of how to deal with spam in general – not just on Twiends. It has limited success and comes at an unacceptable cost of flexibility and functionality. You should not try to re-invent the weal when you don't have a better, or equally functional alternative ready to replace all of its functions. We think that giving each user of Twiends their own affiliate link is still the best option, disregarding the possibility that some users will spam the link on Twitter.

Most likely Twiends decided to go with this system to limit the twiends related spam on Twitter. Its just a drop in the ocean, and doesn't make sense from a sensible stand point – but who knows, maybe Twitter putting pressure on them?

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