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JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript can be used to make your website even cooler after having learned HTML and CSS.

Edited: 2015-08-12 23:36

The JavaScript Tutorial is a good place to learn JavaScript for beginners.

JavaScript is a client-sided scripting language, used to create dynamic websites. JavaScript can be used to add GUI functions, such as drag and drop, fade effects, and more.

Things that are just useful to know about JavaScript

  1. An Introduction to JavaScript
  2. JavaScript Variables
  3. JavaScript Functions
  4. JavaScript Popup Boxes
  5. JavaScript Popup Windows
  6. If Then Else and ElseIf Statements
  7. JavaScript Redirects
  8. Setting, getting and deleting cookies


  1. JavaScript fade effect
  2. Making a div Appear
  3. Changing the src of an Iframe


  1. Fading HTML Elements With Jquery
  2. Slide Effect with Jquery slideToggle


  1. The noscript element of HTML
  2. Using the Noscript Element
  3. Ditch support for Old Browsers