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Get Count of JavaScript Array Elements

How you can count elements inside an array in JavaScript, and how to alert them back.

Edited: 2012-12-30 08:20

To get to know how many elements are in a JavaScript array, you can use array length property – the length property reflects the number of elements in an array. Saving the length of an array can be useful before iterating over the array – aka looping through the array. The below example will return the number of elements:

var aNArr = new Array();
aOurArray[0] = 'One';
aOurArray[1] = 'Two';
aOurArray[2] = 'Three';
aOurArray[3] = 'Four';

var length = aOurArray.length;

alert(length); // Returns 4

Keep in mind that Arrays in JavaScript are objects, and length is a property of the array object. We are simply accessing the property by typing:


Other properties and methods can be accessed in a similar way.

Looping through the array

The fastest way to iterate over the array, might be to first save the number of elements into a variable, and then use this in a while loop.

var aNArr = new Array();
aNArr[0] = 'One';
aNArr[1] = 'Two';
aNArr[2] = 'Three';
aNArr[3] = 'Four';

var length = aNArr.length;

var Counter = 0; // The counter variable
while(Counter < length){
	document.write(Counter + ":" + aNArr[Counter]);
	Counter++; // Increments the counter variable

The code between the curly { ... } brackets is executed each time the loop runs. The loop count variable is named counter for simplicity. The counter is simply getting incremented by one each time the loop runs.

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