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The Keywords Meta Tag

Reference on the Keywords meta tag – this demonstrates the use of meta tags.

Edited: 2012-05-11 20:31

The keywords meta tag is mostly something from the past – and indeed a lot of sites does not even include it anymore – but some social sites may still pick up keywords from the keywords meta tag, likely because it is easier to create an algorithm to pick up keywords, rather then creating one to analyze and break up a sites content.

And why should it not work? Because some authors abuses it? Well, some authors also abuse the Title element and Description meta tag, as well as other elements on their page that they are in control over – this has not yet prevented search engines from still using these elements in their ranking factor, and filtering out the most common abuse cases.

Keywords Meta Tag Example

The below example shows how to use meta tags to include keywords on your pages – just beware that it does not effect search engine rankings in anyway!

<meta name="keywords" content="web-design,web-development,tutorials,references,html,css">

The above could be a good example of how Brugbart would use the tag, if it was still useful in some way.

Content and Keywords

The Keywords and Keyphrases located throughout the content of your web pages can have a direct effect on how well the pages are doing in the SERPs.

Taking into consideration that search engines got ways to analyze the content directly – looking at both the keywords meta tag, and the content would just be overkill – so that is likely the reason why they do not use the keywords meta tag anymore.

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