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Tutorial on SEO linkbuilding, how to get more links, and what effect it has on rankings.

Edited: 2015-04-15 00:27

When linkbuilding you will mostly be submitting links to directories, or looking for other creative ways to place links that point back to your target page.

Strictly speaking, there are two ways that you can build links. One of them belong to the category of blackhat SEO techniques. The other is focused at the internal linking of your pages. When building links there are some things you should look for:

  1. Links should not have nofollow
  2. Note the pagerank of the source page
  3. The content of the source page

Whenever possible, always aim for relevant links. That means that the content of the source page, must be relevant to that of the target page.

The pagerank of the source page has a direct effect on the rank of the target page. For example, a single link from a high-pr page, could potentially push up your page several points. This is compared to pages with no pagerank, where you need lots of links to just gain a single point.

Finally, links that are no-followed just doesn't count.

Internal links

The internal links of your site can be very important, since they flow pagerank between your pages. Its also suspected that they flow anchor text, after all why wouldn't they? If they do however, its likely a lot less then anchor text from incoming links.

One of the better ways to work with internal links, is to place links in your content. Here on Brugbart you'll often find content links to other pages on Brugbart. Not only is this useful to users, its also beneficial in the SERP's.

External links

The most valuable links, are the ones pointing to a page on your website, from other websites. These links effect your rankings in the SERP's directly.

People have come up with many creative ways to place links, and as such the nofollow attribute value was introduced. Since then, its become increasingly harder to place links on blogs and forums. This leaves us with, dofollow social-bookmarking sites, directories, forums and blogs.

Buying links is another option, but that can become rather expensive, and you run the risk of getting your site removed entirely from Google.