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Linking to Subpages on Your Website

Should you be linking to your subpages in your SEO link campaigns?

Edited: 2012-11-20 09:33

One area of their website that people often overlook completely: their Subpages! Linkbuilding is more than just throwing backlinks at your domain name – sometimes focusing on subpages can give you direct results! Linking to subpages grants them a direct boost in rankings, where's linking to your domain name will share the linkjuice between multiple pages, before finally reaching your subpage – if it even gets there at all!

It is typically harder to link to subpages on a website, directories rarely accepts links pointing to subpages – it can however be done, if you know where to go! We are mostly talking dofollow forums and social sites.

One place where you can share your content, is right here on Brugbarts own IndexMe

Is it useful to link to subpages?

A lot of pages are not really ranking because they got more links pointing to them than other pages, but rather they are ranking because of things such as pagerank and authority of the domain name hosting the page.

Unless these websites are very authoritative, outranking them trough a little creative linkbuilding might turn out to be very easy. So yes, it would indeed be useful to link to subpages!

The problem is where to get the backlinks!

Warning! linkbuilding is mostly a blackhat SEO practice!

Backlinking to subpages can be rather difficult, and since directories rarely accepts links for subpages, you will likely have to think of something else. Some social sites do provide dofollow backlinks, the problem about those sites, is that its usually low-quality links that does little to boost your rankings.

A cool trick is to participate on forums in relevant niches, then cleverly place links in the posts you make, pointing to pages on your domain name. The cool about forums, is that you are often in full control of the anchor text of the links.

By far the best linkbuilding method, is to create multiple websites – such as smaller personal blogs, with links pointing to pages on your website.