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Make Money On Twitter

Make Money On Twitter – Here are your options when it comes to making money with Twitter.

Edited: 2012-05-11 11:27

To make money on Twitter you usually need to have a lot of followers – we are usually talking hundred of thousand of followers – but a few thousand quality followers may be enough in some circumstances. While there are ways to earn money on twitter directly, you will usually be doing it indirectly – trough the traffic that you can get from twitter for your own website.

Another way to earn money on twitter is to sell promotional tweets for real money – there are websites allowing advertisers to easily buy tweets from you, with little to no interaction from your side – you will however usually need to accept or reject the offers individually, which is to be preferred in any case.

How to sell tweets

Below are some of the sites that allow you to sell your tweets. Currently we do not list that many, but we will add more as we become aware of them.


Get Traffic from Twitter

There is a huge potential in traffic from twitter – the more followers, the larger the potential. There is just one problem about that, followers can be very hard to come by – unless you are some web celebrity. Celebrities are known to gain a lot of followers on twitter in a very short amount of time, sometimes in the range of thousands a day.

One of the ways to gain more followers, is to buy tweets recommending to follow you – could be done on sites like the before mentioned.