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Microsoft Working on a Universal Translator?

Microsoft research is working on a translator that can translate words real-time.

Edited: 2012-11-11 07:01

Microsoft is working on something rather interesting, something baring the resemblance of the first steps towards a "universal translator". Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid was recently demonstrating this by letting his spoken English words translate into computer-generated Chinese language – using a voice similar to his own, the aim likely is to eventually get it to sound exactly as if it was his own voice.

Rick Rashid on past attempts at speak recognition, and Microsofts recent breakthrough.

Still These systems have a lot of errors, and the error rates for arbitary speech have been in the twenty to twenty five percent. Well, a few years ago reasearchers at microsoft research and the university of toronto.

Came together to develop yet another breakthrough in the field of speech recognition research.

People where heard cheering as the translator did is best to translate his English words into Chinese language – if only they would give us a demonstration with a language that we understand. Seriously, who is learning chinese?