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About some strange spam on MSN Messenger.

Edited: 2011-08-17 05:24

Watch out who you give your MSN-messenger account information to, never sign up on social sites who want your MSN password.


Today i recived an IM from a friend at MSN-Messenger, simply holding a link to, which redirects to


Quote. By filling out this form, you authorize TST Management, Inc to spread the word about this 100% real and upcomming Messenger Community Site. You will receive your share of the credit in helping us spread the word. This is a harmless Community site which is offering users a platform to meet each other for free.

We do not share your private information with any third parties. By using our service/website you hereby fully authorize TST Management, Inc to send messages of a commercial nature via Instant Messages and E-Mails on behalf of third parties via the information you provide us. This is not a "phishing" site that attempts to "trick" you into revealing personal information. Everything we do with your information is disclosed here. If you are under eighteen (18), you MUST obtain permission from a parent or guardian before using our website/service.

I don't trust anyone, and i don't like the spam i'm getting from them. There is nothing they can say which legitimize their actions. There is a reason that i got a "very secret" private MSN/email, which is intirely free from spam. Atleast it used to be, until i began getting more friends, and as such have more MSN contacts. Ofcause someone was bound to give out their MSN and password at some point, so now the spammers have free access to all their contacts and the potential e-mail of their contacts.

Change Your Password

If you have been the victim of this, or similer site'(s), change your MSN Messenger password ASAP! by going to the account site: and enter the information required. You may also want to check out the Help Central at