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MySQL Tutorial

Learn how to work with the free MySQL database.

Edited: 2014-12-28 03:40

You should at least learn the basics of HTML, CSS and PHP, before you chose to move on with the MySQL tutorial on Brugbart.

MySQL claims to be The world's most popular open source database, and that might just be the case. It is free and its supported on most host, shared as well as dedicated hosts. I've even seen free hosts running MySQL!


  1. Connecting to the Database
  2. Select all rows between two time stamps
  3. ALTER TABLE Syntax

Guestbook Tutorial

  1. Your First MySQL Table
  2. Inserting Rows in the MySQL Table
  3. Outputting Rows from the MySQL Database
  4. Creating the Submit Form


  1. Connecting to MySQL from a Terminal
  2. Creating and Importing Backups from Terminal