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How to change MySQL table column from NULL to NOT NULL

Short tutorial showing you how to quickly change a MySQL table column from NULL to NOT NULL.

Edited: 2015-08-28 16:01

This is just a quick tip and reminder as of how to change a column in a MySQL table from NULL to NOT NULL. Changing a column is done by using ALTER TABLE together with MODIFY, a working example is included below:


Changing from NULL to NOT NULL from PHP

The above command can be entered in a terminal after logging in on your MySQL server. Alternatively, you can also send the query from PHP, in which case you would likely want to do something like below:

$this->query("ALTER TABLE mytable MODIFY mycolumn BIGINT NOT NULL");

The above PHP code is object oriented, if you are getting errors, or do not know what the "$this->" part is, then you likely don't need it.