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Why no one is linking to your website yet, and likely never will

No one is going to talk about your site, let alone link to your site, unless you actually put an effort into it.

Edited: 2015-09-19 12:04

By. BlueBoden

The reason why no one is linking to your website, is likely that there is a lot of competition online these days – and it seems it is still increasing. You can rarely create a fresh website, and expect people to start talking about it automatically.

If you just started your site or blog, or even if it has been online for years, and it is not receiving more than a few hundred visitors, then it is time to do something different. First. Stop hosting your site on free blogging platforms, and get your own domain name. This, i think, is often one of the first steps in making your site appear more official and original.

It almost does not matter what your website is about – although there are still a lot of unexplored topics – if your site is not providing visitors with something original that they can not find anywhere else, it is most likely also going to be hard to brand your site.

Getting attention, and links for your website

To make people want to link to your website, and recommend it to their circles, you need to do what you can to make your content interesting enough. It might not matter much that there is a lot of competition, if only you do at least match your competition in quality and uniqueness – and that is just an example, not a must – another way to get some attention for your website, could be to create a very appealing layout.

I will list a few good rules to get attention for a website, some of which i am not currently following myself, but i think they are good anyway. The rules are:

  1. Engaging content
  2. Marketing
  3. Quality of content
  4. Beautiful website layouts

This is obviously not a complete list, and i know there are many ways to get attention. The quality of your content dose not mean as much as one would wish it did, but that dose not mean you should settle with less in this area. In fact, i would personally rather have my site be known for its quality, rather than its layout and community strength.

The strength of your community is very important, too, and sometimes i would even settle with that before the quality of my content, but likely only when i am in a start-up phase of a site.

SEO and linkbuilding

I would generally label linkbuilding as a blackhat technique, as the aim clearly is, to manipulate search engines into giving your website a better ranking – see: Do not linkbuild

But there are still on-page optimizations that you can implement, such as coding related optimizations, and improving your site navigation.

Every page on your website should be linked to from another page, and ideally from a generated sitemap with last modified timestamps, as that can limit unnecessary download by search engines. I recommend that you generate your own sitemaps, as it is more professional, and easier in the long run, but there are also free online tools, to help you generate your sitemaps. See: XML sitemap tutorial