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Does the number of pages effect search engine rankings?

Does the number of pages effect our search engine rankings?

Edited: 2015-08-28 10:13

By. BlueBoden

I think one of the questions many of us has asked ourselves, as content creators, is how the number of pages on our websites correlate with our search engine rankings, and while there does not seem to be any direct effect, there does seem be an indirect effect.

Now, does that mean you should aim to create as many pages as possible, simply for the sake of having many pages? Well, obviously you can't just do that, since it will most likely just be picked up as spam, and end up hurting your search engine rankings rather then helping them.

Or as Matt Cutts from Google puts it in one of his YouTube videos:

"I wouldn't assume that just because you have a large number of indexed pages that you automatically get a high ranking. That's not the case."

However, the indirect effect of having many pages, can, i think, turn out to be very powerful. The likelihood of ranking for certain keywords and Keyphrases can increase, indirectly, simply by having a lot of quality pages.

The number of pages on a site and SEO

The exact effect we are looking for has to do with, i think, something i can best describe as accumulated authority, which may be effected by, how our pages relate to each other through internal linking, as well as the the page rank of the individual pages.

Since the competition is tough in many areas, it typically takes more than just quality content to outrank existing pages in the SERPs – having better content, just does not seem to be enough!

So if we really want to compete with these other sites, we must be prepared to put a lot of effort into it. We need to consistently write powerful content that will catch the attention of people, focusing more on our current audience, than the audience we will build up through search.

I think, if you have quality to offer – and here i do not just mean in the form of content for consumption, but actual content and products that will sustain itself for a long time – then traditional SEO is largely irrelevant. If we write articles, then we might want to do so, with the aim that every article should still be relevant in the future, and not just in a certain point of history.

Having our content organically shared by our existing audience, means a lot more than the few links we can gain, through the active practice of linkbuilding – in other words: Do not linkbuild