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One site or Multiple sites for Adsense?

Is operating multiple sites better than operating just one big site?

Edited: 2012-12-19 22:13

Some website owners are recommending that you operate multiple sites rather than just one big site, these flawed advices can often be found on many websites and forums that are focused on making money online. One of the only reasons – if not the only reason – why it would be easier to make money on adsense with multiple sites, is because Google is laying extra weight on keywords in the domain, something that they are likely to stop doing in the future. Better search engine rankings translates into more traffic, and traffic is money!

The only time where you should consider buying multiple domains, is when it makes sense to do so. It makes sense to have multiple domains, if you have many sub-brands to your main brand. If you want to advertise or brand something, it may also be fitting to buy another domain.

Made for adsense sites are bad for business

Many of these gamers who buy multiple domains, are not even qualified to operate the sites that they are operating. The sites that they are operating often fit well into the category of "made for adsense", which is also against the adsense agreement. Placing ads on such sites can get their accounts disabled – which is likely one of the primary reasons why so many complain about getting disabled.

Its not so much about someone creating a site about health, without being a doctor, or having other qualifying education. It is more about people not caring about the subjects that they pick up, because if they cared, their advice would often be just as valuable as someone being educated in a subjected. The problem is that these sites are made for adsense only, with the only purpose of luring in visitors to make money online.

Some people have been known to make a lot of money this way, but the long-term business is as good as nonexistent. They will quickly use visitors as they lose search engine positions to higher quality sites, and they will very often get banned by the advertising networks they are using, often for obvious reasons.

Either the sites just fits well into the "made for adsense" category, or they just don't follow the user agreement of adsense. Its pretty obvious that a lot of otherwise good sites, doesn't have a privacy policy, as required by the adsense terms. Its not so strange that they get banned.

Going with one big site

Operating just one big site typically requires less work, as you do not have to login multiple places when updating your content. A big site can eventually outrank all of those smaller ones that you may be considering to create – this is due the authority and pagerank that the pages on your site build up over time.

Its easier to brand one site than multiple. It will appear more trustworthy to have one site, than multiple, unless it otherwise makes sense. It may require more work in the beginning, but it has far more long-term value than these ridiculous SEO schemes.

Yes you may need to write more content, and some of it may rank worse than if you had brought multiple domains. But search engine rankings are not fixed once they are determined – rankings are dynamic, and almost always changing – they will also improve as your domain stats improve!