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Paragraphs Inside Tables

A common question is whether or not you should place paragraphs inside tables.

Edited: 2012-10-12 12:45

To make this really short, Paragraphs Inside Tables does not make the contents of the table anymore semantically correct than leaving them out, at least not under normal circumstances. The table in itself will normally be sufficient to keep its content – if you need additional markup for design and styling purposes, it is therefor recommended that you use span and div elements inside tables.

Paragraphs Inside Tables – good or bad?

Normally you shouldn't place paragraph elements inside of your tables – there are cases however, where it would be recommended. Now that we have better ways to layout our pages, you of cause shouldn't use tables for design purposes – however, for those sites who do use tables for this purpose, placing paragraphs inside of the tables makes sense.

It likely wont make much of a difference on how your site is placed in the SERPs, but it will be more semantic than not having any paragraphs on the page at all.