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PHP Tutorial

Brugbarts PHP Tutorial is aimed at Beginners as well as experienced web-developers.

Edited: 2016-01-04 05:36

PHP is a server-sided programming language primarily used to create web applications, PHP is often used in combination with a database like MySQL. The PHP Tutorial is aimed at both those who are new to the language, and those who are experienced web developers.

PHP can be used to create anything from simple guestbooks, to forums and entire CMS systems or web based games, and is often used together with web standards such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  1. An Introduction to PHP
  2. If Then, Else, ElseIf Statements
  3. Switch Statements
  4. Sessions
  5. While and For Loops
  6. Includes
  7. Functions
  8. Function Arguments

Object-oriented programming

  1. Getting started with OOP
  2. Object inheritance


  1. Convert to Lowercase
  2. Replace First Occurrence of String in String
  3. Using the Heredoc Syntax
  4. Remove spaces from the beginning and end
  5. Count number of words
  6. Count capital letters


  1. Determine Length of Array
  2. Find Elements or Keys in Array
  3. How to Loop Through an Array
  4. Convert string to array

File Handling

  1. Create and Write to Files
  2. Read Content of Files
  3. Deleting Files and Directories
  4. Copying files
  5. Renaming Files

HTTP Requests

  1. GET Requests
  2. POST Requests
  3. Request Headers
  4. Proxy Servers
  5. Disable Auto-following of Redirects
  6. Handling Cookies


  1. Installing cURL on Linux
  1. GET Requests
  2. POST Requests
  3. Request Headers

Practical Tutorials

  1. Banner or image Rotation
  2. Creating a StyleSheet Selector in PHP
  3. Dealing with Forms in PHP
  4. Creating a login in PHP
  5. Properly Redirecting old URLs to Friendly URLs
  6. Using The HTTP If-Modified-Since header
  7. Function inside function
  8. How to disallow URL parameters
  9. Removing X-Powered-By

More Resources

  1. Regular Expressions Tutorial
  1. PHP Manual -