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PHP Assignment Operators

Reference on PHP Assignment Operators. Assignment by value, and Assignment by Reference.

Edited: 2015-12-04 10:33

The basic Assignment Operator is the equal sign "=", in practice it translates to "gets set to".

I.e. $Whatever "gets set to" X;

Note. You should also check out the PHP Operators Reference, for a complete list of Operators.

Assignment by value

Here are some examples using the equal sign.

$Whatever = "Brugbart is";
$Whatever .= "cool"; // Sets $Whatever to "Brugbart is cool".

$Whatever = 4;
$Whatever += 4; // Sets $Whatever to "8", (Cough. The number of letters in Brugbart)

Assignment by Reference

Its also possible to assign values by reference, as demonstrated below.

$Main = "Cool Stuff";
$Reference = &$Main; // "$Reference" is just a reference to "$Main"

echo $Reference; // outputs "Cool Stuff" 

Changing the value of $Main, would also change the output of $Reference.