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Pixel2Life Review

This review will focus on the quality of pixel2life, both for its users, and the source sites.

Edited: 2012-08-27 16:50

By. BlueBoden

Pixel2life logo

Brugbart is a source site on pixel2life, i occasionally submit the best of Brugbarts content to pixel2life, and i have even seen a few visitors coming from the site – but the quality of pixel2life could be improved.

The visitors that i have got from pixel2life, indicate that there is a interest for Tutorial index-sites! But sadly pixel2life has started to accept almost anything into their index, bloating it with the simplest of things. I recently visited their site again, to submit some new Tutorials, and that was when i noticed the quality of the other submissions – Brugbart is likely one of the higher-quality source sites!

Tutorial Quality

One of the worst Tutorials i have seen, was titled How to embed Youtube videos in HTML. Not that there's anything wrong with having HTML Tutorials for simple stuff, but i surely wouldn't expect something like that to get accepted.

Another example title would be How to improve your blog and increase traffic on your blog, and i just ask, what does that have to do with HTML? It doesn't even show a single line of code in the article! It sounds more like another one of those marketing/seo articles that so many bloggers throw out, because they don't know what else to write about, no offence.

I would personally look for the following in a good Tutorial:

  1. It should be easy to understand for its intended audience.
  2. It should not be to short. A Tutorial with just a couple of paragraphs, is likely explaining something to obvious.
  3. Not hosted on a spammy looking site with little original content. The purpose of the site should be clear.
  4. It should not have to many spelling errors. There are browser tools people can use to help them correct most errors. I use them myself!

Comment Spam on pixel2life

Pixel2life have a problem with comment spam on submitted tutorials, which could drag down the value of having your tutorials listed. Links on pixel2life does not have nofollow, which benefits the source sites – but spammers posting junk comments on our tutorials, will most likely lower the transferred value from pixel2life.

Not only are the links in comments not nofollowed, the comments themselves often contain spammy words, irrelevant Keywords and Keyphrases, potentially effecting pixel2life negatively, and devaluing outgoing links on the effected pages entirely.

I personally do not recommend that you use nofollow on outgoing links, if you don't like the destination of the link, then you should remove it entirely. Nofollow is really only suited for certain ads, and that does not include all paid ads – because sometimes, an ad, is more than just an ad. Nofollow does not prevent automated spam, because most spammers do not care to check if a site uses nofollow before they submit their links.

Comments can be filtered on the server-side – like we are doing it here on Brugbart – and more admin features can be opened to the source sites, making it possible to delete spam, or disable comments altogether..

Ads on Pixel2life

The way ads are placed on pixel2life is annoying to the users – its difficult to tell an ad apart from the content. It should surely be possible to place some ads, without forcing them on the user. Recurring users likely won't have much of a problem filtering them from the content flow with their eyes, but new users get annoyed, and likely will get the feeling that the site is another of those filled-with-ads tutorial sites.

This is how Pixel2life places their ads:

How Pixel2life places their ads.

To get as most users and fans as possible, you need to make your site stand out from the rest. If the rest of the sites clutter their content with annoying ads, then you got an opportunity to gain where they lose. And it can be done different, and you can still be an ad supported site.

It is not as bad with Pixel2life, but i still think they should, at most, have a single ad at the top of the categories. Not Tutorials, Ads, tutorials, ad, tutorial, etc. As it is currently. They could at least make their ads easier to tell apart from the content, by giving them a different background color.