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The potential of the browser as a platform

Cross platform-compatibility has long been something i have thought about, today its already a reality to some extend.

Created: 2012-03-01 18:53

By. BlueBoden

Applications can be run both client-sided (offline), and on the web (online). So in other words, its also possible to create offline applications by the use of nothing but HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It can sometimes be a bit heavier than if the code where compiled, but this is not likely to be much of an issue with faster systems. Its also much easier to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then traditional programming languages.

Platform independence

There are quite simply to many platforms, and its annoying the users. I'm annoyed that i can't play XBOX games on the PC, and XBOX users likely feel the same way on occasion. Then we have these emerging technologies, which will allow development of programs and games that are independent on the platform.

More customers

The first software companies to really take advantage of these new technologies, will likely make a lot of money. Its a shame that we mostly see this in "make money fast" facebook type of games.

I would likely also be able to make a lot of money on facebook games, but what comes easily, also goes easily.