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PPC vs Affiliate Ads

Article on the performance of PPC and Affiliate ads.

Created: 2012-02-25 17:38

You may be tired of your low PPC earnings, but don't expect Affiliate programs to perform any better.

Earning money with PPC can be very tough, especially for bloggers. Keep in mind, if your only focus is to earn money on your website, then you quickly risk that it becomes an obsession. If you become obsessed about a single aspect, then you usually spend less time focusing on improving other areas of your site.

Affiliate vs PPC

Affiliate programs has the potential to earn you a smaller fortune, compared to many PPC networks. Many affiliate programs gives you a percentage of the purchase, some for up to several years after the referral.

This does however not mean that you should remove your PPC ads. If your PPC ads performs badly, surely an Affiliate program will perform even worse. Some may not agree on that, but this totally depends on what you consider bad performance.

Most users don't have anywhere near the daily visitors that they need to earn a significant amount on neither PPC networks or Affiliate programs. While it also depends on your sites topic, you would most likely want a couple of thousand visitors a day before you can reach the payout on your PPC network in a single month.

With that said, even smaller personal blogs can supplement their PPC earnings with that from a good Affiliate program.

Don't rely on PPC alone

To reach the full potential of your site, do some research into what affiliate program that might be relevant to join. The more relevant to your sites topic it is, the more likely it is that your users will make a purchase trough your link.

With few exceptions, don't just join programs that you wouldn't personally recommend.