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Resources not updating correctly

When admins delete comments, the original resource was not updating correctly.

Edited: 2012-03-02 13:15

By. BlueBoden

Note. The solution presented in this Article is a workaround, a real solution has been covered in the article named: Must-revalidate not working as expected

Brugbart was recently effected by a problem where admins would have to hit the update button in their browser, before the page would be reloaded properly after deletion of comments.

I tried to shift to a 303 (see other) redirect, as the 302 redirect really just means "found", this did first appear to solve the problem doing a quick test, but apparently it didn't doing a closer look.

URL Parameters to the rescue

Normally i just disallow get parameters where they ain't used, but now i had to find a way to allow them for logged-in users. This turned out to be easier then i thought, as it only called for a smaller modification to one of my scripts.

The URL Parameter that i had to add, was to be some sort of timestamp, to easily force a cache re-validation by the browser. I don't know why, but even when my headers are setup correctly, it doesn't seem to re-validate properly after updating a resource, in this case deleting comments.

It does however create some other problems (404 not found) when sharing a URL with a parameter. The easiest way to solve that, would likely be by the use of a Canonical URL Tag in the HTML source.

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