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Retweets are far Between

People do not seem to care much about retweeting content on twitter unless they know you.

Edited: 2013-02-22 01:48

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Twitter has the potential to drive in truck loads of traffic to your website, but having potential doesn't mean that it will happen anytime soon. Brugbart has been on Twitter for some time by now, we have reached just around 9000 followers, and we are still getting more! But does it really feel like efforts on Twitter is paying off?

Twitter does have the potential to drive in a lot of traffic, but with just 8500 followers it does seem like retweets are far between, so what is wrong? Maybe most of our followers just don't really care about what we have to tweet. There are accounts with far less followers who seem to perform better – it does generate a few page views, but its hard to know how many of those finding us trough twitter also care about the content.

People not you retweeting much?

We know that 8500 followers isn't really that many, but surely it should still create some response? A re-tweet is likely the absolute minimal response you can expect to create (next after a page view) – but those of you with more followers are likely getting more of an reaction to your tweets.

Referrals from twitter are few when we examine Google Analytics, we got around 14 from twitter, which is even less than referral Traffic coming from stackoverflow this month – that is surprising, considering that we only have a couple of links that someone posted there.

Twitter vs other referral traffic

Sites like stackoverflow may be able to bring in more traffic, simply due to their high placement in search engines. Tweets are quickly buried on twitter, likely never to be looked at again – wheres content indexed by search engines will be a long-lasting ad for your website.

When people visit these Q/A sites, they also expect the answers to be less spammy, where's on twitter people are used to links nearly always being spam, so they almost always automatically skip tweets with links. One way to get around this problem, is to tweet often, and only post convincing quality tweets – personal tweets, such as "enjoyed a piece of pizza, I'm stuffed full.." are also fine, they make you seem less spammy. The problem is that you need to tweet often enough for people to start recognizing you, often changing your twitter photo might also not be that good an idea for the same reason.

People will often only check your links out, if they recognize you or your brand – these reasons are listed below:

  1. They know you or your brand from somewhere
  2. They added you out of interest
  3. The joy of recognition

Followers that you gained trough services such as are also less likely to be interested in what you post, that is not to say that their interest cant be gained, but you generally have to work harder for it. The same goes for followers gained by following a lot of people.

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Twitter can be effective, but you need to invest a lot of time to attract the attention that you want. Twitter does have one advantage above traditional advertising – it doesn't cost you anything but the time you invest!

If the time that you spend usually doesn't grant you much in return, using it on social networks just might show to have a higher ROI – long term investment in social networks are even more likely to have a higher ROI than what you are used to.