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Google removing their old search queries report

About Google's recent removal of the Search Queries Report tool and the Analytic replacement.

Edited: 2015-09-04 17:50

By. BlueBoden

It seems that Google has started to remove their Search Queries Report tool from webmaster tools, it is being replaced by the new Search Analytics Report. I must admit i liked certain aspects about the old report tool better, since it revealed more details from the start, wheres with the new tool you have to select which details to show before they actually show up.

The old tool, however, can still be found here

The new tool seem to be easier to use, once you get to know it, so i do recommend you give it a chance. In particular, you may want to check out the comparison feature by clicking on the dropdown located under date.

So in short, give it a chance. It dose take some getting used to, but aside from the lack of details in the initial display of the report, id actually seem to be a decent replacement.