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Sell Tweets on Twitter

How to sell tweets – and what to look out for when selling tweets.

Edited: 2012-05-11 23:55

If you want to sell tweets on twitter, then you may want to consider signing up with a site specializing in the area. When it comes to selling tweets trough such sites, some sites will just be better than others – we think that you at least should be able to chose your own prize per tweet.

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Sponsored tweets works by you signing up on their site, configuring your prize per tweet, and then you just need to sit back and relax while you want for your sponsors to contact you with offers – its entirely up to you if you want to accept an offer, some offers might be to irrelevant to your audience, so its a good idea to chose with care.

Is it okay to sell tweets?

Why would it not be okay? It is your account. Twitter might not like that you are selling tweets, but they fail to recognize the true ownership of the twitter profile. It would of cause be far better, if twitter where to host their own sponsored tweets network, and share the revenue with the profiles who choses to display them – there has been some talk of this in the past, hopefully the idea is not entirely dead.

The main problem with selling tweets is currently spam – some networks are particular spammy, and there are also networks who take advantage of their users. The price for running a sponsored tweet on these networks can be very high – when you then look at the CPC of ads on the sites, then they are chosen automatically by the site, and placed as far down as 0.020!


Be careful where you sign up, do not just sign up on any no-name tweet selling site – do at least check the Alexa rank of the site, before you decide if you want to join. Alexa is not a quality stamp of cause, and it can be faked easily – but if the site both has a high pagerank and Alexa, then its very likely that its a reputable site among twitters. This does still not mean that the site is spam free however – you will likely still reject a lot of irrelevant junk offers.

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