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Selling tweets on twitter

Increasingly a popular way to make money with twitter, is by selling your tweets. Learn more in this article.

Edited: 2012-11-22 06:57

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It can be difficult to earn direct money on twitter – any earned money are more likely to come from referral traffic going back to your website. Another popular way to make money on twitter directly, is by selling tweets – this is also called sponsored tweets – and best of all! It is allowed by twitter!

Sponsored tweets is a way to make money on twitter (not to be confused with SponsoredTweets the website) for sponsored tweets, twitter require that they clearly be disclosed as being sponsored.

How does it effect your account?

Since you have to manually approve and/or post each individual tweet, selling tweets is not likely to have any negative influence on your twitter account. If you get an offer from an advertiser that you are not happy with, for any reason, you may simply choose to reject it.

A few tweets that are more or less irrelevant to your business, or your own interest, is not likely to do much harm. But things can also get out of hand – if your tweets mainly consists of sponsored tweets, your followers might get annoyed, start to pay no attention to your tweets, and some might even unfollow you. So be careful how many sponsored tweets, and what tweets you post – many tweets are clearly just spam.

What does twitter say about selling tweets?

Perhaps a surprise to some, but twitter do not have anything in their rules prohibiting you from selling your tweets – they do however have some rules about how sponsored tweets should be posted, those are mentioned later in the article.

For some people, it may seem annoying that twitter allow users to sell tweets – but if you think a little further than: "all ads are bad", you will surely reach the conclusion, that this openness is one of the better things about twitter – and it does no harm whatsoever! Your account is yours to control – it can be compared to owning a website, where twitter is only providing the platform and hosting.

Twitter are even taking their rules a bit to far, by restricting how a sponsored tweet can be posted. For example, they do not allow that sponsored tweets are scheduled in advance. But overall, selling tweets seems like a lucrative options for any twitter user.

Below is a quote from twitters own rules:

  1. All sponsored or paid Tweets must be manually approved. You should either manually post these to your account, or individually approve the tweets to be posted to your account.
  2. You should disclose when you post a sponsored or compensated Tweet.
  3. You shouldn't repeatedly post the same Tweets.

How can you sell your tweets?

One of the easiest ways to sell your tweets, is to join a site like SponsoredTweets. Brugbart is an affiliate with SponsoredTweets, but we would not recommend it here, if we didn't think is was somehow useful to users!

The article will be updated if we find more of these sites, or if it comes to our attention that twitter has changed their rules. To be sure that twitter have not changed their rules about selling tweets on twitter, you may want to check them yourself.

Twitters own Rules: Policy for Tweets With External Sponsorship

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