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Server Tutorial

Tutorial on how to install and configure web servers.

Edited: 2015-11-07 16:11

Learn how to install different servers such as, the Apache HTTP Server and MySQL. Many of the tutorials listed here will also work for server instances in the cloud.

This tutorial is aimed at people who want to control their own servers, rather than relying on their webhost to setup everything. Web developers might also be interested, since often webhosts do not install everything that web developers need, to make their web apps work. An example of this could be cURL, which often needs to be installed manually.

Windows Tutorials

  1. Installing Apache on Windows
  2. Installing PHP with Apache on Windows
  3. Installing MySQL with Apache on Windows
  4. Installing Mod_wsgi and Python for Apache on Windows

Ubuntu Tutorials

  1. Installing Apache on Ubuntu
  2. Installing cURL for PHP

Server Management

  1. Starting, Stopping and Restarting Web-servers from Terminal

Amazon AWS

Tutorials focused on Amazon Web Services.

  1. Setting up a server instance, and connecting to it

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