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Show Known File Type Extensions

This Tutorial shows how to hide or show the Known File Type Extensions in Windows

Created: 2012-05-11 23:08

How to show Known File Type Extensions in Windows – this tutorial is intended for complete beginners, or as a quick reminder – after all, who remembers this irrelevant stuff right? Microsoft Windows is just retarded at times.

Somewhere down the road there was a crash, and Microsoft apparently thought that file type extensions where irrelevant, or to confusing to users – they are wrong of cause, and the new default setting of hiding known file types has now become a major source of smaller annoyances around the world.

This Tutorial deals with with the different versions of Windows, and how to show file extensions again. We may not cover all the versions of windows, but its been located the same place all the versions that we are familiar with.

Hide or show Known File Types in Windows

The setting is located inside Folder Options in Windows, and the Folder Options can be opened trough the Start-Control Panel, then click on Appearance and Personalization where you will find the Folder Options.

To display file extensions, remove the checked status in the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK when you are done.