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What is social media influence worth?

Learn about the worth of your social media influence, and why it is so valuable.

Edited: 2012-11-27 13:49

From Tramp to Ruler with Influence image.

It doesn't matter if its Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, or some other social site – social media influence is increasingly becoming more valuable. With influence comes social power, and with power, the ability to put things in motion.

Having a huge network of followers can be very valuable to a company, especially if those followers also pay attention when you post something. Just think about it, having thousands of followers can be compared to having a list of thousands of e-mail subscribers – only followers are better than e-mail subscribers, because here is a higher possibility of your posts going viral.

When something goes viral, it's being circulated rapidly amongst your followers, and potentially their followers! That is why having a huge influence can be very valuable. Just think about it, large companies like Microsoft and Google are using their influence to market new products – Google chrome likely wouldn't have reached the user base of today without Googles influence – and so it is with Windows Media Player, Outlook, Internet Explore.

Gaining Social Influence

Gaining Influence is all about gaining followers and likes, engaging with your network to make them interested (or to keep them interested.) It doesn't matter much that your product is incomplete and lacks in certain areas, what matters is your ability to sell it.

Imagine owning a candy store on a heavily trafficked street – now, all you have to do is find a nice position for the different pieces of candy in your store window, thanks to the traffic on the street, they will sell themselves!

It's even better to have a huge social media influence, because you do not have to pay the high rent that you would have to pay for owning a physical store.

The worth of social media influence

The worth of your influence can be hard to determine, and is somewhat decided by your own ability to engage with your network. Someone with just 100 followers, can have more influence than someone with 10000 twitter followerstwitter is a nice example, since followers are typically easier to gain on twitter.

There are also ways that you can somewhat measure your influence, but the purpose of these services are doubtful – they ain't really useful for much, but it may still fun to see if you can get higher scores than your friends. One such service is

It may also be useful if you are considering to sell postings to your profiles, an example of that would be selling tweets on twitter.

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Learn to think like an entrepreneur

You have to see the opportunity before you can take it, and social media is just one of many opportunities. Its very cost efficient if done right – and today there are sites such as, which will help you grow your network faster, maybe even spending less than you would have to trough the official promotion methods.

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Your social media influence is just another resource to be mined – but to mine the resource properly, you also need to have the right tools for the job.

There are many opportunities to build – a goldmine there, and a oil rig there – you just need to realize the resource, whether it being traditional SEO, social media, or something entirely different.