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Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are Unresponsive

Unresponsive websites is usually the result of JavaScript abuse.

Edited: 2012-03-11 19:14

By. BlueBoden

Firefox 9 is a tiny bit faster when using the new Facebook timeline, but not anywhere near as fast as i had hoped for, its also way to slow on Google Plus. Chrome is the fastest on the two, on both FB timeline and Google Plus.

What is the problem with these sites anyway? Why do they abuse scripting for layout purposes when its just going to slow down their sites? I've never really taken the time to study their source, but i have a feeling that the optimization of these social sites is very poor.

When i was invited to join Google Plus, while it was still in beta, i thought it was a joke. The GUI have these circles where you can drag and drop people to, the problem is that they are heavily animated with JavaScript or some shit like that. If i try to select all users in a circle from within Firefox, the whole site freezes for 2-5 seconds, and continues to lag while dragging the selected profiles to a circle, its especially lagging when hovering the circles, seems like the scripted animation is just to much.

I also noticed the problem on twitter, when following people it would be very unresponsive when clicking the follow/unfollow buttons, or when scrolling a little on the page, (this was not even when hitting the bottom, wheres more content will be loaded.)

It would seem that a lot of sites are abusing JavaScript to generate the HTML on their pages, or otherwise modify the site enough that its becoming unresponsive. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus should really know better than that.

The problem is not as severe on facebook, but it did start to annoy me there as well, after they implemented the new timeline. When typing in status updates from Firefox, facebook becomes rather unresponsive, and the typing is delayed. Its not the only problem i have with the new timeline, but lets leave that to another article.