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About SponsoredTweets ClickWatch Program

About the clickwatch program of

Edited: 2012-11-22 09:59

You may have heard about SponsoredTweets – a service that allows you to make money on your tweets – the clickwatch program is an attempt to provide advertisers on sponsoredtweets with a level of protection. When you post a sponsored tweet to your twitter account, the clickwatch system will check the performance of your tweet after 48 hours. It can therefor be important not to set your price per tweet to high.

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The clickwatch program works by monitoring the performance of tweets, if a given tweet doesn't meet the minimum required CPC, you will be notified and asked to send out another tweet with different text.

Participating in ClickWatch

Taking part in the clickwatch program may help you sell more overall tweets, but you may also need to lower your price per tweet to meet the required CPC of the clickwatch program. Participating in the program is entirely voluntarily, and there may be valid reasons not to participate. Maybe you have near celebrity status, and therefor consider that your tweets being worth more – regardless, enabling it may attract more opportunities on sponsoredtweets.

How the SponsoredTweets clickwatch program works

ClickWatch will perform a checkup after 48 hours of posting a tweet, if it doesn't meet the minimum CPC, you will be asked to send out another. Like the first tweet, subsequent tweets will also have to be approved by the advertiser.

This is done up until three times, after which you will loose your clickwatch status for a period of 60 days, should the tweet fail to meet the required CPC of the program. The below quote is taken from a blog post on SponsoredTweets:

  1. If a Sponsored Tweet fails to meet the minimum CPC requirement a Tweeter will receive a DM or Email notifying them.
  2. The Tweeter must come back to and write a new Tweet for the advertiser. The copy must be different from the first tweet to meet Twitter’s duplicate content requirement.
  3. The new tweet will be sent to the advertiser for approval just like the first tweet was.
  4. In the event that a tweeter fails to make good and write a ClickWatch tweet they will automatically lose their ClickWatch status for a period of 60 days.

SponsoredTweets (external): what is clickwatch?

How to meet the minimum CPC requirement

It should be easy enough to figure out how many people click your links. If you own a website, try posting links to your for content on your website. Then check your referral traffic in your server logs, or check it with a tool like Google Analytics.

The price per tweet should match your CPC to avoid problems when having clickwatch enabled in your SponsoredTweets account settings.

If you find that the amount of clicks you get per tweet is very low – even when having thousands of followers – then try to engage more with your followers. Also, avoid posting to much junk, as people might simply ignore your tweets if they are low-quality.

As more of your followers start to show interest, the likelihood of them clicking your links also increases.