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Is SponsoredTweets Safe?

SponsoredTweets is a useful way to sell your tweets, but is it safe to use without getting banned on twitter?

Created: 2012-11-25 08:08

A popular way to sell and buy tweets on twitter, is trough SponsoredTweets, a service that allow its users to sell and buy tweets on twitter, but is it safe to use? Will it get your twitter account banned?

Twitter do allow people to sell their tweets, they are mentioning this as "sponsored tweets" – not to be confused with the website – the rules state that tweets should be clearly marked as sponsored, which is also being done with tweets sent from SponsoredTweets.

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Will you be banned for selling tweets?

Selling your tweets will not get you banned. Keep in mind that its your twitter account, and your followers. Twitter have no right to decide how you should behave socially – but posting a lot of SponsoredTweets may lead to people paying less attention to what you tweet.

Twitter is even going a bit to far, in trying to control how these sponsored tweets should be posted to your twitter profile, but they are only doing so to "protect" their users – in reality, a lot of sponsored tweets are likely sent out, without being disclosed as such. But nevertheless, the rules are still pretty clear on the subject – so if you want to avoid getting into troubles, you'd better stick to the rules.

  1. All sponsored or paid Tweets must be manually approved. You should either manually post these to your account, or individually approve the tweets to be posted to your account.
  2. You should disclose when you post a sponsored or compensated Tweet.
  3. You shouldn't repeatedly post the same Tweets.

Twitters own Rules: Policy for Tweets With External Sponsorship

Should you sell your tweets?

Sponsored tweets are viewed negatively by many people, but there is really no reason for this. Not all sponsored tweets are spam, and its not everyone who will just tweet anything they are requested to tweet. You wouldn't even want to disclose – the only reasons to disclose, is to avoid certain people complaining over nothing, and to get into trouble with twitter.

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There are a lot of spammers out there, wanting to promote all kinds of product – many of which are scams! So if you do decide selling tweets, you should be careful not to accept just any tweet offer you get.