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Technorati Authority – does it still work?

What happened to Technorati Authority – is it still working?

Edited: 2012-05-11 08:32

Brugbart is listed in Technorati, but there has not been any updates to our Tag Authority rank for any of the listed keywords.

The updates to our Technorati Authority rank has only been minor, and it would appear as if its quite hard to improve your rank – but then again, Technorati appears to have been dead for years.

Technorati Tags

Apparently Technorati only picks up keywords in the content of web pages – if either they are linking to another page on the same domain, or one of Technorati's tag pages – the URL must end with the particular keyword, and have the rel attribute applied with a value of "tag".

<a href="" rel="tag">Autoit sleep</a>

There is almost no documentation available on how to use Technorati tags – or in what way they should be necessary – you shouldn't have to include additional markup in your content, just so that their crawler would be able to detect it. The idea of including links is also rather stupid.

If anyone figures out how this tagging system works, feel free to share your discoveries with us.

Topical Technorati Authority

Surely this must be the same as Tag Authority? – this is where it becomes more confusing, because they do not mention anything about tagging on their Authority FAQ page, they do however mention some obvious factors.

  • Topical Authority measures a blog’s influence within its subject category.
  • Blogs will appear ranked by topical authority within Technorati’s blog directory.
  • Factors include linking behavior from blogs and posts in the same category, how well a blog's overall content matches the category in question, and other associated data.
  • It’s possible for a blog to have authority in several different categories. The authority in each category may be different.

It makes perfect sense to analyze the content of web pages – but is that really what technorati is doing? – if they are doing it, why does it then appear not to have any effect on Topical Authority?