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Technorati started updating again

Recently technorati started to update its site details again.

Edited: 2012-11-30 12:36

Technorati has been out for a long time, but we recently noticed that they started updating their site details for Brugbart again. Does this mean that technorati is back? It appears so, for now at least.

For those not aware, technorati has been struggling with technical problems, and many bloggers reported that their recent blog post had not been updated for a long time, and some even reported lost authority.

Lost authority on technorati

For Brugbart, we mostly regained our past authority, maybe even gained some. So it appears, if you are one of those experiencing a loss in your technorati authority, you will likely regain it once things get back to normal.

See also: Technorati Authority – does it still work?

It's however still not known exactly how you can grow your authority in the different subcategories – not that it matters much anyway, since you are unlikely to get much traffic from technorati anyway. Most referral traffic seems to come from social networks these days, we have still yet to see a single referral from technorati.

Technorati tagging still a problem

It would seem that technorati is still using the old tagging system of adding a link to your posts, this link pointing back to technorati. The link should also be properly nofollowed, so it doesn't pass on undeserved link juice to technorati.

If you wanted a page to be tagged with "php", including the below link in the page, should get it to show up.

<a href="" rel="tag nofollow" class="techtag">php</a>

Its untested if it works with the nofollow attribute included along with the tag attribute value – but there is no reason why it wouldn't – so if it doesn't, it must be a bug on technorati. This tagging system should either be replaced with the keywords meta tag, or real content analysis. You can't ask people to include obsolete markup in their pages, just to have their post properly tagged.