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Technorati not Updating

Technorati has not been updated for some time, and people are reporting lost authority rank.

Created: 2012-11-06 23:09

Technorati authority has not been updating their recent blog posts for at least 3 weeks, and sites are loosing hard-earned authority fast – as if it wasn't hard enough for sites to gain authority and exposure on technorati in the first place!

If you are experiencing problems on technorati, then you ain't alone. Reports of lost authority rank and recent blog posts not being updated are steadily showing up on the Internet.

Why care about Technorati?

Technorati authority is a bit like PageRank, and then a bit worse than PageRank as a quality indicator – it really gains you nothing. Where's PageRank at least do appear to have some effect on search engine rankings, technorati authority only effect your position inside of technorati, and its very hard to gain exposure..

To be listed in categories, it would seem that you need to link back to the categories that you want a post to be listed in. Only little information is provided as of how to get a post listed in a category, and the tagging system is useless for sites that don't use it – and why should they use it? All it does is providing free backlinks for technorati. Instead they should consider analyzing the text of each article or blog post properly, to determine the categories where it should be listed.

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Today, it seems that technorati is dominated by a few top-blogs, everyone else should not hope to gain anything from being listed in technorati. It is also uncertain whether people use the tags to find content of interest, so whether it would work to use tagging in your posts is unknown to Brugbart.

Blog Claiming and Updating

Technorati is also having problems with the claiming and updating process of a site. for some time ago, Brugbart updated its RSS feed URL, and it was doing this process we ran into problems getting our site accepted again – its pretty surprising that they even spend time reviewing sites that just updated something as minor as their RSS feed URL.

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It is unknown if the re-submission process has been improved, surely already approved sites shouldn't have to be reviewed again.