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The mistake of perfect

Everything does not have to be perfect from the start..

Created: 2015-07-08 19:53

By. BlueBoden

I have been working on Brugbart for a long time, and in fact, some of the greatest advancements happened when i was pushed – not when i had time, and sat down to get things done.

While i was working on something else in my life, i developed the new CMS, which is currently in use. While in school, i wrote many new articles, and even updated the CMS further.

My problem, i guess, have been that i have focused way to much on getting things to perfect, before i would "go live", and that includes the long-planned comment system. Fact is, i could easily take out a day, and just sit down and get it done. But i know it will just be hammered by spammers, like it happened with one of my past CMS systems.

The mistake of perfect

Sometimes i just feel overwhelmed by the things i want to do, and then i often don't get anything done, something most people will likely recognize from around exams and school.

But when it comes to work, and the boring daily process of starting something, a little work is better than nothing. A little content on your website is better than nothing, and a few videos posted to your YouTube is better than nothing. You know, people watch YouTube videos whenever they procrastinate or get distracted, one could take advantage of that for near-free advertising..

Just writing articles for your blog or website, will bring in some traffic, and some traffic is better than no traffic at all. Now, i am not saying you should go and write a bunch of low quality junk articles, but even just one quality article, can quickly bring in a few thousands of visitors – if you happen to find something interesting to write about.

Building a brand

It may sound strange for something you work on as a hobby, but somehow you are still building a brand, you are "branding" yourself online, and a long the way, you start building fans for your site or product, often simply through your work alone.

This process seemed impossible to me in the beginning, but i find it a lot easier now that i have developed a feeling of what works for my site. So, for those still struggling in this area, i recommend simply to focus on content creation for awhile, and see how your blog is doing after that.

I realize that content creation does not work for everyone, but it's basically about finding something that will work, for whatever type of site you are operating. This is most likely, one of the lower-quality articles on Brugbart, and i don't expect it to get a lot of traffic from Google. But visitors will still read it, and the site will also seem more updated and inviting, simply from having fresh content on the frontpage.