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Title Optimization

SEO Tutorial about Title Optimization – learn how to make the most out of your titles.

Edited: 2012-05-11 21:41

The Title Optimization SEO Tutorial is about how you make the most out of your web page titles – in HTML the title is included using the title element – but Title Optimization may also include the consideration of how to use the title attribute

The title of your web page is perhaps the most important factor used in rankings, it is therefor important that you chose the title carefully – it is preferred to use an exact Keyword or Keyphrase match in the title of your page – all depending on your sites authority, you may be able to get away with using less relevant titles.

Page Title Optimization

Knowing that the title is an important ranking factor, you should not start stuffing it with your keywords – keyword stuffing will only harm your page, and the places where it does not, it is likely to only have short term effects as search engines continuously change their algorithms.

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Choosing a good title is of vital importance to your page – an exact match to one of the keyphrases or keywords that people use in the search engines when searching, is a lot better then an indirect match or no-match. It may be a lot easier to find relevant titles for your new pages, if you think about what you use yourself when searching.

Choosing a shorter title is generally better than choosing a longer one, but this again depends on what people are searching for in the search engines. A long title can perform just as good as a short title, depending mostly on whether or not it was an exact match to what the user was searching for – but also on Pagerank, authority, and Anchor text. Take this page as an example, this page is very likely to at least rank in the top 10 results for the keyphrase: Title Optimization – that is mainly because it is an exact match title – other lower-quality sites may still outrank the page.

Just as a quick reminder – when you are adding a title to your web pages, you should be adding it to the Head section in your pages, using the HTML Title element.

 <title>Title Optimization</title>

Link Title Optimization

The text used in title attributes on links does likely not matter at all – including them anyway may however still make it easier to get your pages indexed, as it does contribute the the overall page-size.

You would however still want to optimize them for other reasons – mainly to give your users a better idea about where a given link will take them, and exactly what they might find on the linked page. To add a title attribute to a link, you may use the below example code:

<a href="" title"Tutorials and References Online">Brugbart</a>

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