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Ebooks and Tutorials are better than Books

What is really better, books, ebooks, or free tutorials online?

Created: 2011-07-27 01:46

Ebooks and Tutorial sites like Brugbart are better than real books, for this simple reason, you can search, bookmark, scan, copy/paste, etc. The possibilities are many, and we still occasionally find new neat stuff to do. Its quite simple easier to learn from Tutorials and Ebooks.

Brugbarts live "vision" examples is an example of neat features on the web, which are actually based on the source code from code-boxes on the site.

The ability to copy and paste code is perhaps one of the main abilities, its hard to do anything without.

Websites vs Books

A skilled searcher can find almost any technical bit of information needed, often making free websites like Brugbart the preferred choice before ebooks.

Many beginners tend to ask questions like "what is the best book on x, y, z", but its never as simple as that. You should always keep in mind that on subjects such as HTML, CSS, and other web standards, free sites such as Brugbart will often be your best choice.

Complete References

There have been many attempts to make complete References and Tutorials, covering all subjects. But they often get to technical, and include to much irrelevant information. Many tutorial sites include information about whether listed features are supported in a given browser. This may seem useful to beginners, but its a nightmare to keep track of all these smaller details, even for skilled developers, not to mention that its unnecessary in modern development anyway.

Complete doesn't really mean that all features, elements, properties, and whatever, has been covered. And you often still need to search for Tutorials elsewhere, because the information on the site was limited. Here on Brugbart, we do aim to link to relevant content on-site, if it exist, and if we remember about it.

Its far easier to simply list the features that are supported, and not list the rest at all, until they actually are supported. Modern development also calls for the need to ditch support for old browsers, to break with the bad trends from the past. This is one of the reasons that you won't find such irrelevant information on Brugbart.

In any case, don't take just one site for being the all-in-one, search, and you will likely find what you are looking for elsewhere, and that goes for Brugbart to. That something isn't to be found here, doesn't mean it isn't covered elsewhere.