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Twiends Review 2013

Just a short mid 2013 review of and new features.

Edited: 2015-04-15 13:07

Twiends Logo

It has been some time since we did the last review of – just about the only service around that's worth using to get more followers on Twitter!

While the design is still done in a way that forces people to break good following practice, the service has improved a lot in other areas. There are still huge problems with people unfollowing you, in some cases even if you follow them back. Buying a VIP membership will compensate you for lost seeds however, and at $9.95 / week for the cheapest membership, we think it's well worth it.

Suggest a celebrity, band or brand. And so on.

A new feature on twiends allows you to suggest a band, brand or celebrity to twiends, and earn seeds if your suggestion gets approved. There is a little down-side to this – its difficult to tell if your suggestion has already been added, in which case you will just be wasting your time trying to suggest randoms.

Even worse, the amount of seeds you get seems a little low in many cases. We have not been able to get an estimate of more that 11 seeds for sending in suggestions, and remember that you are only given this once, and the number is only an estimate.

It seems like Twiends has a lot of unnecessarily complicated guesswork going on behind the scenes – surely they should be able to adequately tell how many seeds you get, and when dealing with numbers this small, why not simply forget about all these seed calculations and add a fixed amount of seeds instead?

Gave up Adding Suggestions

We gave up adding suggestions when Twiends began showing errors such as this – when just entering the username.

Sorry, this link does not look correct. Please paste the full url for this person or try type in their @username instead.

And this strange error when entering the absolute URL for the Twitter of the user that we wanted to suggest.

Sorry, we could not find that person. Tip: if you pasted their link try type in their @username instead.

The Layout

The layout has also changed a lot since our last review, now showing featured users at the top of the New People list, and a number of other changes not really worth mentioning. While layout changes are welcome, it would still have been nice with some functional improvements.

On the Home tab, you can both approve social updates to your wall, and follow "New People" to get more seeds.

Twiends as a Community

Something new on Twiends is the Wall, a place that will display all of your social updates in one place, to quote Twiends in their own words:

Your wall is a public page where you can show all your social updates in one place. We know you're proud of the stuff you share online, and so we give you your very own place to share all this content. Think of it as your very own personal website that you can share with the outside world. You have full control over which updates are placed on the wall, and you can choose to automatically add updates or approve them individually.

This may be one step in the right direction when looking at Twiends as a community site. Currently there just doesn't seem to be much going on – aside from endless following of random people to get seeds.

While the new features could lead to more community activity, it doesn't seem like there have been much thought behind them. The ability to approve certain updates, leaving out others seems rather pointless considering that tweets are already public – unless you have protected your tweets. It also seems a little strange if people actually do hang out on twiends to do anything else than increase their followers.

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