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This review will concentrate on and their services.

Edited: 2015-04-15 13:09

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2013-07-05 – Check out the 2013 review of Twiends.

Most ways to get more followers could get you in trouble with Twitter, but this does not seem to apply for, a service which allows users to follow other twitter users of similar interests, and gives you points for doing so. You can spend your earned points (seeds on twiends) on advertising your own Twitter account in the twiends directory, seems like a win-win right? Not so fast, there are disadvantages to using twiends, and its by design rather than problems caused by its users.

Twiends is a good concept, nothing wrong with the idea. The problem is the design of – Of course there are other sites that are even worse than twiends, the only reason why this review is about twiends and not them, is that twiends appear to be the most popular.

You can sign up to and start following people to get points (seeds), but only to a certain degree. People are gaming sites like twiends to get more points, that is – they follow a bunch of people only to unfollow them later – they do this to get free points. Many people only unfollow those who do not follow them back, so a way to keep these followers, is to enable the auto follow-back feature on twiends.

The Design is Malicious

Twiends, by design, either forces users to break good following practice, or to buy expensive points that they can spend in their network.

There's currently no benefits to offer more than the lowest possible seeds for a follow, this means that everyone is setting their seed setting at the lowest possible, granting them more followers for their seeds than they would get had they used a higher setting. The lowest setting is 2 seeds, but in reality people will only get one seed for a follow, making it hard to gain more seeds than you spend. This is likely just an attempt to force people into buying seeds.

The main reason for users to be participating on twiends, is to get more followers. The only way to get more followers, is to find a way to get points. The only way to get points is to buy them from twiends, or follow and unfollow non-followers. Basically the standard follow/un-follow strategy used by many users on twitter, with the added benefit of

Suggested Changes to Twiends

The problem is that twiends seems to be to focused at how they can make the most money, instead on focusing on improving their service first. Of course it isn't free to run a site like twiends, and everyone should get paid for their work to. But is it really necessary to make users loose seeds rather than slowly gain them from following? Considering that good following practice and daily twitter limits apply, surely it shouldn't be necessary? The possibility to buy seeds is perfectly reasonable, and really useful for those who can afford it.

Why not loosen up a bit, and perhaps even prevent unknowing users from breaking good following practice on twitter, in their attempts to get more seeds? also does not have a referral program, so creating one would be pretty cool. is not all bad

If you really think about it, twiends is almost to good to be true. Most other ways to get followers this fast, will only gain you fake followers. The followers that you gain on twiends are mostly real people – we did a check for fakes with one of those fake checker tools, on a twitter account setup with twiends, and it returned 0% even after gaining thousands of followers trough twiends!

Being a VIP on twiends is a must, as it will give you seeds back for people who unfollow you. One thing we did notice while being subscribed however, there doesn't seem to be much value in going with a larger seed package – we had a hard time spending all the seeds we got, even with the cheapest weekly subscription of 75 seeds.

Is it safe to use

Currently it should be safe to use, as you are not buying followers directly, but rather advertising or promoting your own account – which is allowed by twitter! Twitter has a similar way to promote your account, its called promoted accounts and promoted tweets.

Twiends is safe to the extend you follow the rules on twitter. Mass following and unfollowing people can get you in trouble, using the service normally likely won't.


Overall we find twiends to be a good service – as far as we know – the best website that will gain you real followers. To make the most out of twiends, you may consider becoming a VIP.

Twiends is mostly useless to non-paying members, they will need to login to the site nearly every day to not run out of seeds. A way to avoid this, is to set a daily budget in your profile – you can then save up seeds for later, in case you are going on vacation, or wont be online for whatever reason.