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Twiends Replaces Seeds With new Connection System

Twiends recently removed the seed system on their site.

Edited: 2015-04-15 14:18

Twiends Logo

It would seem that Twiends recently made a big change to the way the site works, apparently they removed seeds, and replaced it with a connection based system.

When Brugbart last reviewed Twiends, it was back in 2013, and back then they where still using the seed system, which did seem more like a "hidden" currency.

Its unknown how the new connection system is going to work exactly. But it seems one of the main reason for moving away from the old system, has been problems with dislike from social networks. I.e.:

Another problem was that token-based mechanisms are often disliked by the social networks. We always endeavoured to conform to the policy set by the major networks, but we found it harder to do that using seeds. Many other websites have created similar mechanisms over the years, and unfortunately many of them have blatantly disregarded the policy set by the social networks. This makes it harder to use token-based mechanisms going forward because they are interpreted to be a virtual currency of sort.

Its interesting that this is mentioned, because people were obviously recklessly following each other just to earn seeds, which in turn they could pump back into the site to gain followers.

More value to the community

It seems that one of the things Twiends hope to accomplish, is to add more value to the community, and eliminate spam and aggressive following.

This new system encourages a process of quality discovery and growth, while limiting the harmful behaviours sometimes encountered before. It will allow us to grow twiends into new areas, and to increase the size and value of our community.

Is it really useful?

The big question is how useful a service like Twiends really is, obviously it dose allow you to grow your followers, but the question is if they really follow you. In the past, it seems that most of the followers you would gain through the service were mostly just in for the fun of getting more followers themselves, and not really interested in truly connecting with other users.

This is not a critique of Twiends, but its more a observation of how many users where behaving, hopefully the new system will improve the quality of the site.

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