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Why is Twiends Showing People With 0 Seeds? is a very popular site where you can obtain more followers with little effort, but why are they showing people with 0 seeds?

Edited: 2013-05-01 02:42

Twiends Logo

Twiends is a popular site where you can earn "seeds" or points for following people, these points can then be spend on advertising your own twitter profile on twiends. Brugbart reviewed twiends some time ago, and found major flaws in the design – a design which heavily favors the purchase of seeds or featured spots.

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Twiends is often showing you people with 0 seeds, you will not get any seeds for following these people – this can happens for accounts with a "high" drop rate.

How Seeds work on

If you offer 2 seeds for each follow, 1 will be taken by twiends, while the last seed will be given to the user who followed you. People with 0 seeds are inactive accounts – inactive users on twiends do not have any seeds, but they are still included when, for whatever reason, twiends either wont, or is unable to find more people for you to follow.

Many users on twiends only allow follows from people with low drop rates, which can lead to twiends showing more people offering 0 seeds. One way to avoid dealing with to many of those free-riders, is to maintain a low drop rate – avoid unfollowing people that you follow on twiends. This is not an ideal solution for those mainly looking to increase their follower counts, which likely includes the majority of users in twiends.

Why is Twiends Showing People who Offer 0 Seeds?

Twiends is attempting to keep users motivated to come back to the site – so while they still show accounts that have run out of seeds, people tend never to follow them – obviously because they don't offer any seeds.

The only effective way to gain seeds for free is to follow other users, users who are not active on twiends will quickly run out of seeds – and they will need to login and follow more users to get more seeds.

Its an effective lock-in, and an effective way to presure people into eventually buying seeds. Most people are using twiends mainly to grow their network – and while there's nothing wrong with that – surely the current business model of could be improved to favor its users some more.