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Twitter Disallowed Auto-followback

Auto-followback on twitter is not disallowed according to new rules on automation.

Edited: 2015-04-15 13:10

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Twitters rules on automation has recently changed, while this is mainly interesting for app developers, it might also be of interest to users of Twitter apps such as Twiends.

Earlier we posted some recommendations on how to make more out of Twiends, enabling auto-followback was one of the suggestions. Seeing now that twiends has changed their rules on automation, this could however put your Twitter account at risk.

Twitter used to permit auto-followback

Its sad that Twitter has decided to disallow auto-followback, considering it had many good uses. As it often is with these things, users stand powerless against the higher decisions.

For many users, auto-followback was a really convenient solution to a fundamental design flaw in Twitter, that is the lack of automation. One of the functions that computers fill out, is to automate tasks that would otherwise have been tedious, or plain impossible to complete. Yes we do also end up following spam accounts with auto-following turned on, and while annoying, its something you can't avoid – and we need to remember that its Twitters own responsibility to delete spam on their sites.

Dealing with Spam on Twitter

Most serious Twitter users do not really care about following a few spam or fake accounts – they never read their DMs, and they almost never read their timeline. Instead they use other methods to view interesting updates – that is, if they care about updates posted by users at all! Some only check their @mentions

These users simply use Twitter in a different way, and they definitely know how to manage their accounts without Twitter babysitting them.

While auto-followback have not even been a problem, auto-DMs really has, because way to many users are abusing it – not just the fake accounts. The DM system in itself on Twitter has a flawed design, since it doesn't allow you to delete messages in Bulk. You have to delete messages one at a time, which just means that most serious users never really check their DMs, because the thought of deleting all the spam keeps them away. It is likely best to remove the DM system entirely, or at least allow users who do not use it, to disable it!

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