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Unfollow inactive twitter users

Give yourself some room, unfollow inactive users to easily follow more.

Edited: 2012-12-03 12:48

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When you got thousands of followers, you will often find that many of the users that you follow haven't been active on twitter for a long time. It isn't bad that you follow these users, but unfollowing them can be an easy way to make room for new people to follow.

Twitter has a following limit in place to prevent users from following a large number of accounts, one of the ways to temporarily get around this limit, is to unfollow inactive users. As mentioned earlier, following these inactive users does no harm – it can even be beneficial to keep following them – keep in mind that each user who follows you, or that you follow, serves as a free ad for your own twitter presence.

But if you are pushing the following limits on twitter, you may still want to consider unfollowing them. Unfollowing someone on twitter is a big step, and it will often lead to @replies mentioning that you have just unfollowed them. People who are inactive usually wont complain about being unfollowed, which further works to save you from loosing face with your followers.

Benefits from unfollowing inactive users

Even when are not pushing the limits of twitter, you might still want to unfollow inactive users. Users that are inactive can often be safely unfollowed, without much risk of them also unfollowing you – and that also leaves room for more follows to be sent out. Some of the best reasons to unfollow inactive accounts are listed below:

  1. Get more points on promotion services.
  2. Get "free" room to follow more accounts.
  3. Temporarily get around following limits.
  4. Get a lower following vs followers, to stand out more to your followers.

This may sometimes also be used in combinations with other practices to get around limits on twitter, but abusing it can easily lead to account suspension. Its not something you should be doing constantly!

How to unfollow inactive users

There are apps that will allow you to unfollow inactive users, we will not mention any specific app here, since they usually cost money to use. You should be careful about automated unfollowing apps, as they are breaching Twitters rules on atomization.