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Side-scrolling text in vegas pro

This vegas pro tutorial shows how to create side-scrolling text.

Edited: 2012-09-04 01:59

This Vegas Pro Tutorial shows you how to create side-to-side scrolling text using ProType Titler – but as with many other tutorials, you will learn much more in the process. To make side-scrolling text in ProType titler, you will need to learn about keyframes, which is also covered in this tutorial – this not only useful when making scrolling text!

Horizontally scrolling text such as this, is useful if you want to display a lot of information, but can't otherwise find the space on the screen.

What you Need

There may be some smaller differences if you don't have the same version of Vegas Pro installed, these should not prevent you from completing this Tutorial however.

If you do not own Vegas Pro, you can still download a trial from Sonys own website, which will work for 30 days. This tutorial requires ProType Titler, which is part of the Pro package of Sony Vegas.

Side-scrolling text in Vegas Pro

When you got a new project open, start by clicking on Media Properties, then choose the All category, click on ProType Titler, and finally choose the empty template.

Screenshot of how to open ProType Titler

This will open up a new window with a large black area.

Now you can change the length of the text-clip, this is done in the Duration field, as shown below:

Screenshot of the duration field in ProType Titler.

To create new text, double click inside the black area. The largest rectangle inside the black area represents the canvas – or the available screen space – while the smaller rectangle inside is the Title Safe Area. Text should be positioned inside the safe-area, this is done to avoid that the text is getting cut-off on some screens/televisions - this is mostly relevant for TV/broadcasting productions however.

After writing some text, hit Escape with your index finger to exit writing mode. Now move the text to the lower right of the canvas area, as shown in the below screen shot:

Screenshot of text positioned next to canvas.

This will be the start position of the text – outside of the screen. Next, toggle automatic keyframe insertion on for the x offset, this will only animate the x-axis when you move the text, so the start position of the text is not that important. To turn on automatic keyframe insertion, see below screenshot:

Screenshot of automatic keyframe insertion in ProType Titler.

Then you need to move the location indicator at the left side on the timeline, all the way to the end of the clip to the right.

Screenshot of Vegas Pro location indicator in ProType Titler.

After doing this, move the text from the right side, to the bottom-left side of the canvas – you can click and drag multiple times as needed – do this until the end of the text is outside of the canvas. A keyframe is automatically created at the new position of the location indicator on the timeline, which will contain the altered text-properties, making an animation between the last and current keyframe.

You can now exit ProType Titler and enjoy your side-scrolling text. Remember to re-size the text-clip on the timeline, to match the duration of the clip.

Side-scrolling Text Vegas Pro Video Tutorial

A video was also made for this Tutorial, watch it below.