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Will you get Rich from Ads?

Why you most likely wont get rich from running a website with ads.

Edited: 2390-09-22 13:30

The big dream for many website owners, is to earn money on their website. This is mostly done trough PPC Networks and affiliate programs. The reality is however, that very few manage to reach the payout, and hence often end up wasting their time.

If you don't have any good ideas, and your main purpose with your site is to earn money, then you may as well give up.

Earning enough to just cover your hosting expenses will most likely require a few hundred visitors a day, and thousands to reach the minimum payout. Personal blogs are almost doomed to fail here, and its increasingly becoming harder to start new blogs, because there are already many recognized blogs in each their own fields.

Ad Placement and Contrast

This is where we see a lot of websites using deceptive methods to increase the accidental clicks on PPC Ads. This includes masking the Ads as navigation links, or placing them to close to navigational content.

Some also either deliberately or out of pure lack of web-design skill, use a poor contrast between elements on their pages. Which can make the Ads on their site appear more like content, and hence increase the accidental clicks.

Beware of "Making Money Online" Sites

Some sites are dedicated to the topic of making money online, and while they may seem like quality sites, many of them promotes deceptive bad-practices used to increase the CTR rates of PPC Ads, usually trough accidental clicks.

They, or some of them, would also advice people to create lots of low-quality content pages, sometimes consisting of auto-generated or scraped content.

In any case, be careful about taking advice from such websites. Instead look for for your information here on Brugbart, or the official websites of whatever Ad network you are using.